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Journal Papers
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An Approach to Modeling and Simulating Resiliency in Multidisciplinary Microservice Networks April 2022
DiffPageRank: an efficient differential PageRank approach in MapReduce March 2021
An Approach to Analyze the Vulnerability of Function-Based Social Networks Using Clustering Coefficient October 2021
Bayesian-OverDBC: A Bayesian density-based approach for modeling overlapping clusters February 2015
OverDBC:A new density-based clustering method with the ability of detecting overlapped clusters from gene expression data August 2015
First-Price Sealed Auction Model with Increased Fairness for Resource Allocation in Grids June 2009
Conference Papers
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An Efficient Collaborative Filtering for Recommendation Systems Using Differential Machine Learning November 2022
A Trust-Based Vulnerability Analysis in Signed Social Networks October 2021
Ranking Resilience Events in IoT Industrial Networks October 2021
A new Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Algorithm based on Structural Balance in Signed Social Network December 2020
Analysing the Vulnerability of Weighted Social Network Using Clustering Coefficient May 2020
The comparison of two Approximate algorithm(MC and NBRW) For computing Clustering Coefficient in Big social Networks April 2019
Improving the Cast Algorithm using dynamic threshold For clustering Gene Expression Data June 2019
Estimating miss data in Micro-array using DBSCAN(A Density Based Clustering Algorithm) June 2019
Improving of EDISA(A bi-clustering Algorithm) using Iterative Gene Cores April 2018
A new ontology-based framework in overlap clustering for gene expression data June 2017
New Density-based Clustering method with the ability for finding overlap clusters in gene expression data September 2012

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی